WiFi Internet Access

Note: Wi-Fi Internet Services are coming soon. Please check back with us regularly for updates, thank you.

WiFi or Wireless Fidelity is a technology that facilitates the mobile use of laptop computers and personal handheld devices away from the home or office. Wi-Fi networks are created through an array of hundreds and even thousands of local "hotspots" throughout metropolitan areas.

Initially, hotspots were few and far between but can now be found in most major airports, hotels, bookstores, coffee houses, malls, and even auto dealerships. Companies such as Boingo wireless offer a great nationwide solution for business travelers or those on the go.

Municipal Wi-Fi

Municipal WiFi is a newer application that is gaining popularity quickly nationwide. Numerous cities across the country are partnering with ISP's (such as EarthLink) to build wireless networks that blanket every inch of their city.

This new technology removes the need to be near a localized "hotspot" and provides wireless access to all residents and businesses within the city limits including open spaces such as parks and highways. No longer will you need to setup a home network with numerous hardware devices as your Internet connection will work in much the same way as you cellular phone does. Just charge it up and go!

All this is great news for the consumer as more competition will inevitably drive down high speed Internet prices while generating additional revenue for city infrastructure. Leading the charge are top names such as Earthlink Network and Google.

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