Vonage FAQ's

VonageFrequently Asked Questions about Vonage.

1. What area codes are available?
Most area codes in the US are available. You will be given the option to pick one that best matches your desired location during the order process.
2. Is Internet service required to use Vonage?
Yes, any high speed Internet service provider (ISP) such as Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, will be compatible. Vonage service only needs 30 kbps at its lowest quality setting, for optimum sound quality 90 kbps is recommended.
3. Do I need to keep my computer on all the time to use Vonage?
No your computer does not need to remain on in order to use Vonage service. As long as your cable or DSL modem remains on and connected you can use Vonage.
4. Does Vonage offer 911 dialing?
Yes, Vonage offers E911. E911 requires you to activate 911 service by telling them the location of your Vonage device.
5. Is Vonage Mac compatible?
Yes, Vonage will work with Mac's. Supported software includes Media Player 7, QuickTime, Internet Explorer 5.2 and Safari.
6. Does Vonage work with Satellite Internet connections?
Yes, Vonage works with Satellite internet connections with 90 kbps of upload/download speeds.
7. If I move can I take Vonage with me?
Yes, if you world like to keep your same number you don't need to do anything. Just plug in your adaptor at your new location. Unlike other phone companies your Vonage phone isn't tied to a location.
8. Can I use Vonage outside of the United States?
Yes, the service isn't supported outside of the US and Canada but will most likely work worldwide assuming you have an adequate high speed Internet connection.
9. What is VoIP?
VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a method of sending communications over your high speed Internet connection instead of the traditional telephone network. Your callers will never know the difference and many people say the call quality sounds better than a traditional phone line.
10. Do I need to purchase a special phone to use Vonage service?
No, you can continue to use your existing handset or if you prefer you can choose a new device during the signup process.
11. Is Vonage really free from long distance charges?
Vonage offers a Basic and Unlimited calling plan. The Basic plan includes 500 minutes of calling per month with charges of 3.9 cents per minute once you've used your plan minutes. If you want to take advantage of the unlimited free long distance select the Unlimited plan.
12. Can I have more than 1 Vonage line at my home?
Yes, a second line and even third line can be added for $14.99 USD for the Basic and $24.99 USD for the Unlimited (pricing is per line).
13. Can my new Vonage number be a phone number from an entirely different area?
Yes, Vonage allows you use what is referred to as a “Virtual Number”. For example let's say you've relocated from New York to Los Angeles. You could use a (212) area code in Los Angeles which would allow your friends and family back home to dial a local number to reach you! Virtual numbers can be added for only $4.99 USD per month.
14. Can I surf the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time?
Yes, Vonage phone service uses less than 90Kbps of your bandwidth (or less than 6% of your typical 1.5Mbps DSL connection).

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