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VonageVonage was founded in January of 2001 and has quickly grown into the largest provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service. Vonage Unlimited phone service allows anyone with a high speed Internet connection to place free local and long distance calls within the United States, Canada and Europe. Vonage customers also enjoy International rates as low as .1 cent to Mexico, China, Argentina, Australia and Sweden.

Vonage phone service is packed with user friendly features such as virtual voicemail which allows you to check your messages from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Need a toll free number for your home based business? Not a problem Vonage has you covered.

Want to setup a virtual number so your family in New York can dial your (212) area code but have it ring to your (310) residence in Los Angeles? Vonage can do it.

Just need the basics? All Vonage plans include caller ID/call blocking, call waiting/forwarding/transfer, and 3 way calling at no extra charge.

To learn more about Vonage phone service and for pricing and availability please click here.

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