EarthLink FAQ's

EarthLinkFrequently Asked Questions about EarthLink.

1. Is dialup access available with EarthLink High Speed Internet?
Yes, 20 hours dialup access is included with all EarthLink High Speed Internet Service.
2. Does EarthLink High Speed Internet offer online security software and parental controls?
Yes, EarthLink Total Access includes...
• Scam Blocker™
• Spyware Blocker
• Virus Blocker
• SpamBlocker
• Pop-Up Blocker
• Parental Controls
• Protection Control Center
• EarthLink Antivirus™
• EarthLink Firewall™
3. How fast is the service?
Service is up to 1.5 Mbps Download and up to 128kbps upload.
4. How many email accounts come with EarthLink High Speed Internet?
EarthLink High Speed Internet includes 8 email addresses.
5. Can I buy a modem from EarthLink High Speed Internet?
EarthLink will provide a modem at no charge.
6. Can I choose my own username and email address?
Your modem kit will include instructions on how to create your username, email address and password.
7. How much web space does EarthLink High Speed Internet provide?
80MB total or 10MB of personal Web space per email address.
8. Is there a charge for technical support and what are their hours?
Free technical support is available 24/7.
9. Can I get a static IP address with EarthLink DSL?
Yes, the monthly charge is $15.00.
10. Is EarthLink High Speed Internet available at a business address?
EarthLink Business DSL pricing does vary depending on your needs. For more information on services and pricing plans please contact 1-888-758-2963.
11. Will Vonage service or another Voice Over IP Service (VoIP) work with Earthlink High Speed Internet?
Yes, Vonage (or any other VoIP provider) will work with Earthlink High Speed Internet. In fact Earthlink now offers VoIP service. For more information about Earthlink trueVoice please visit
12. What happens if I move?
If, for whatever reason, you do not complete the 12 month contract with Earthlink, you will be charged $149.95 for equipment charges.
The only exception occurs when you move to another residence during the 12 month contract. In this case, you will still be charged the $149.95 fee, but if you reactivate your account within 60 days, your account will be credited $99.95.
13. What is a NIC card?
A NIC (or "NICK") card is a network interface, or is also known as an "Ethernet Adapter" is located on the back panel of the computer and connects to the DSL modem. Most computers sold in the last 5 years have them pre-installed.
14. What does a DSL modem do?
A DSL modem is a device that is needed for your computer to communicate at high speeds with the Internet.
15. Can I keep my current (Yahoo, Hotmail, Google etc. email address?
Yes, ordering Earthlink High Speed Internet will not affect your web mail email account.
16. Can I use a Macintosh computer with EarthLink DSL?
• Mac OS X (v10.1.2 and higher)
• PowerPC G3 or higher processor
• 128MB RAM
• 30MB free hard disk space
• 28.8Kbps modem or faster
• Optional: LAN, DSL, cable modem, satellite, or wireless connection
17. Is EarthLink High Speed compatible with the Sony PlayStation?
Yes, EarthLink High Speed Internet can be connected directly to a Sony PlayStation unit. EarthLink will support the high speed connection as if it were connected to a computer. EarthLink will not support any issues related specifically to the Sony PlayStation unit.
18. Is EarthLink DSL Internet service guaranteed?
EarthLink offers a "best effort" service without any throughput guarantees. EarthLink strives to provide the fastest connection your specific conditions will allow.

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  • Prices start at $14.95 month
  • Free modem
  • 20 hours free dialup access
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