DSL High Speed Internet Access

DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is a high speed Internet connection that operates over the existing copper telephone lines. Unlike traditional 56k dial up service DSL will not tie up the line nor is there any waiting for a connection as the service is always "on". DSL works by effectively separating the phone line into 2 separate channels allowing simultaneous usage; 1 for voice communications and the other for high speed Internet.

Unlike cable Internet service where your speed can be affected by the number of users in your immediate area DSL operates as your own personal network as each line is routed directly to your high speed Internet provider's central office. If you work from home or require a non-fluctuating VPN or Virtual Private Network connection to your office DSL can meet your needs.

DSL service providers offer you a choice of self installation or if need be a professional technician can be requested (typically for a fee) although most consumers are able to complete the self installation without difficulty. With DSL there are no cables to run room to room or outside the home. If you have ever connected an answering machine to the wall and then to a cordless phone you can connect a modem to a wall and then to computer, it's just that easy! Just follow the step by step instructions.

DSL's only limitation is its availability as you must reside within approximately 18,000 ft (about 3.4 miles) of your local phone company's central office or CO. Homes beyond that distance will generally be unserviceable due to the signal loss experienced over long distances.

**Its important to note the while you may appear to live fairly close to the local office this distance is not measured "as the crow flies" but rather the route the copper wire takes to reach your home from the central office. More simply, the cable may weave in and out of neighboring developments before reaching your location.

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