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Charter Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Charter High-Speed Internet offer dialup?
    No, Charter only offers high speed service.
  2. Does Charter High-Speed Internet offer parental controls?
    Yes they do! Charter offers parental controls as part of the Charter Security Suite.
  3. Does Charter High-Speed Internet Service offer a pop-up blocker?
    Yes, once you're online you can download the Charter Security Suite which also includes a spam and spy ware blocker as well as a firewall. Go to: or contact technical support for assistance.
  4. How fast is Charter High-Speed Internet service?
    Charter offers up to 30 Mbps download speed.
  5. Is Charter High-Speed Internet service guaranteed?
    No. Residential Charter High-Speed Internet is provided as a best-effort only.
  6. Do I need to buy a modem from Charter?
    Charter does provide modems for lease or you may purchase a compatible modem to use with Charter High Speed Internet.
  7. What if I already have a cable modem?
    You may use your own modem and save the monthly lease fee. Charter technical support can assist you in configuring your modem.
  8. How much web space does Charter High-Speed Internet allow us?
    Charter provides unlimited storage with Cloud Drive.
  9. How many email accounts come with Charter High-Speed Internet?
    You get ten (10) email addresses with Charter High-Speed Internet service.
  10. Can I choose my own username and email address?
    You will be instructed on how to create your username, email address and password during the installation process.
  11. Is there a charge for Charter High-Speed Internet technical support?
    Free technical support is available 24/7/365.
  12. Can I network more than one computer?
    Yes, you may use your own router or you may select a Charter home networking package during your installation appointment.
  13. Can I get a static IP address with Charter High-Speed Internet?
    Yes, but only on Charter Business Network Accounts. Please contact 1-800-314-7195.
  14. Who do I call to reschedule a service appointment?
    In case your plans change, please feel free to call 1-866-499-8080 to reschedule your service.
  15. How does Charter protect my privacy?
    Charter does not sell customer information to other companies or 'spammers'. Charter has implemented SPAM elimination features with its Charter Security Suite. This identifies and eliminates most spam before it reaches our customers' mailboxes.
  16. Will Vonage or other Voice over IP service (VoIP) work with Charter High-Speed Internet?
    Yes, Vonage (or other VoIP provider) will work with Charter High-Speed Internet Service. For more detailed information contact your VoIP provider for technical assistance.
  17. Can I keep my current Yahoo, Hotmail, Google etc. email address?
    Yes you can, ordering Charter High-Speed Internet service will not affect your web mail, email account.
  18. Do I need an Internet service provider like AOL in addition to the Charter High-Speed Internet Service?
    No. Charter High-Speed Internet is a full service Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  19. What happens if I move?
    Please check for Charter High-Speed Internet availability for your new location. If Charter High-Speed Internet is not available you may cancel your previous service without penalty.
  20. What is a NIC card?
    A NIC (or "NICK") card is a network interface, or is also known as an "Ethernet Adapter" on the back panel of the computer and connects to the cable modem. Most computers sold in the last 5 years have them pre-installed.
  21. What does a modem do?
    A cable modem is a device that is needed for your computer to communicate at high speeds with the Internet.
  22. Is my computer safe with Charter High-Speed Internet?
    The information on your computer's hard drive is safe from prying eyes as long as you do not enable the file sharing. If you must set up your computer for file sharing, it would be wise to "password protect" any sensitive files or information. In addition Charter offers full security protection with the Charter Security Suite software for free.
  23. Can I use a Macintosh computer with Charter High Speed?
    Yes Charter supports Macintosh computers with the following minimum requirements...
    Operating System: Mac OS compatible computer System 9.0 minimum; System 10.6
    Processor: PowerPC processor; Power Macintosh G4 recommended
    Memory: 15 MB available RAM; 20 MB recommended
    Hard Disk: 12 MB available hard disk space; 20 MB recommended

    PC: Windows 98 SP 2/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7
    Processor: Minimum 233MHz 300MHz or greater recommended
    Memory: 64 MB, 128MB or greater recommended
    Hard Disk: 100MB, 250 MB or greater recommended
  24. Can I watch TV and use Charter High-Speed Internet at the same time?
    Absolutely. Your cable television and High-Speed Internet signals will not affect each other.
  25. Is Charter High-Speed Internet compatible with America Online service?
    You can combine the great content of AOL with the high speed and constant connection of Charter High-Speed Internet. Contact AOL to learn more about their Bring Your Own Access program and let them know you will be using Charter High-Speed Internet as your access provider. AOL service rates are separate from Charter High-Speed Internet service charges.
  26. Is Charter High-Speed Internet compatible with Sony PlayStation?
    Yes. A Charter High-Speed Internet cable modem can be hooked directly to a Sony PlayStation unit. Charter will support the cable modem connection as if it were connected to a computer. Charter will not support any issues related specifically to the Sony PlayStation unit.
  27. Can I install Charter High-Speed Internet myself?
    Existing Charter Cable Television subscribers can save time and money with the Charter High-Speed Internet Self-Installation Kit. Most customers complete their self activation in less than 30 minutes. The self-activation requires three simple steps.First you connect your cable modem to the cable outlet in your wall. Second, you connect the cable modem to your computer with an Ethernet or USB connector. And third, you plug in the cable modem and install the High-Speed Internet activation CD-ROM to configure your computer for High-Speed Internet service.
  28. Does Charter High-Speed Internet offer personal web space or web hosting options?
    Charter offers a wide array of web hosting solutions. Each customer receives 20MB of free personal web space with their Charter High-Speed Internet service.
  29. Do I need to have your cable television service in order to use Charter High-Speed Internet?
    No, Charter High-Speed Internet service is available independently.