CenturyLink Broadband FAQ's

CenturyLinkFrequently Asked Questions about CenturyLink Choice DSL.

1. How fast is CenturyLink Choice DSL the service?
CenturyLink Choice DSL offers 256 Kbps download and 256 Kbps upload.
CenturyLink Choice DSL Deluxe offers 1.5 Mbps download and 896 Kbps upload.
CenturyLink Choice DSL Premier offers 5 Mbps download and 896 Kbps upload.
2. How many email addresses are included with CenturyLink Choice DSL?
CenturyLink Choice DSL includes 10 email addresses.
3. Does CenturyLink Choice DSL offer online security and parental controls?
Yes, CenturyLink Choice DSL provides the MSN Premium software suite which includes MSN® Junk E-Mail guard, MSN® Pop-up Blocker, McAfee Virus Scan/Firewall and Webroot® Spy Sweeper™ for MSN. Detailed instructions will be included with your modem kit.
4. Can I get a static IP address?
Static IP's are available for business customers only, for more information please contact CenturyLink Business at 1-800-603-6000.
5. How much web space does CenturyLink Choice DSL include?
CenturyLink Choice DSL includes up to 10 MB of online storage.
6. Does CenturyLink Choice DSL charge for Technical Support?
Free Technical Support is available 24 hours a day.
7. Is CenturyLink Choice DSL service compatible with Macintosh computers?
Yes, CenturyLink® Broadband is compatible with Macintosh computers however the MSN Premier is only compatible with Windows operating systems. CenturyLink recommends Mac users contact technical support during installation for assistance.
8. Do I need an additional phone line to use CenturyLink Choice DSL?
No, with DSL your existing phone line is "split" to allow voice and data transmission at the same time. No additional line is required.
9. Do I need an Internet service provider like AOL in addition to the CenturyLink® Broadband service?
No, CenturyLink Choice DSL with MSN premium is an all inclusive Internet service provider.
10. What does a modem do?
A DSL modem is a device that's needed for your computer to communicate at high speeds with the Internet.
11. What happens if I move?
Please check HighSpeed.com/CenturyLink/ for CenturyLink Choice DSL availability for your new location.
12. Is there an early termination fee with CenturyLink Choice DSL?
No, CenturyLink does not charge an early termination fee.
13. Can I choose my own username and email address?
You will be instructed on how to create your username, email address and password during the installation process.
14. Will Vonage or any other Voice Over IP Service (VoIP) work with CenturyLink® Broadband?
Yes, Vonage (or any other VoIP provider) will work with CenturyLink® Broadband. For more detailed information contact your VoIP provider for technical assistance.
15. I have my own modem, can I use it?
Yes, you can use your own modem, however it will not be supported if you encounter difficulties.
16. What is a NIC card?
A NIC (or "NICK") card is a network interface, or is also known as an "Ethernet Adapter" that is on the back panel of the computer and connects to the cable modem. Most computers sold in the last 5 years have them pre-installed.
17. Can I keep my current (Yahoo, Hotmail, Google etc. email address?
Yes, ordering CenturyLink® Broadband service will not affect your web mail account.
18. Can I keep my old MSN® email address with my new MSN® Premium service?
Yes, but first you will need to establish a new primary member name and password for your MSN Premium service. To complete the process, after your new account is established:
Contact CenturyLink technical support at 800-247-7285 to release your existing member name for use on your new service.
Add your existing member name as a sub-account to your new service.
19. How and when will I receive my modem Kit from CenturyLink?
Your CenturyLink modem Kit will be shipped to arrive at your door step within 7 days. You do not need to be home in order to receive your kit. The shipping carrier will leave it at your door.
20. What's included in the kit?
Your kit includes the following items:
Installation CD with step-by-step instructions for the complete installation process
CenturyLink modem with built-in wireless gateway - actual model may vary
Cables to connect the modem to your computer
Four phone filters (three inline and one wall mount)
21. What are phone filters? Do I need to use them?
Phone filters, also known as microfilters, must be used with your CenturyLink® High-Speed Internet service to ensure optimal performance. These filters eliminate the higher end frequencies used for your high speed access. When phone filters are not used, or not installed correctly, you'll experience static on your telephone line.
The installation CD included in your CenturyLink modem Kit provides step-by-step instructions on how to install these filters.
22. Will CenturyLink Choice DSL Internet service interfere with my security system?
CenturyLink recommends a professional installation by a trained CenturyLink technician if you have a security system connected to the same phone line used for your CenturyLink® Broadband service. CenturyLink recommends testing your security system once your DSL service is installed.
23. What if I cannot complete the self installation or require a professional install?
Professional installation is available for $59.99, unless the issue is related to the CenturyLink Network, in which case you will not be billed. Charges incurred during a technician visit will be billed to your CenturyLink telephone bill.
24. What's included with a CenturyLink technician professional installation?
Installation includes:
Connecting your modem to a single computer.
Connecting any necessary phone filters.
Configuring your modem to work with your service.
Setting up your primary email account.
Ensuring you are able to surf the Internet.
25. Can the CenturyLink technician connect multiple computers to my high speed Internet service?
The CenturyLink technician will connect the primary computer only. You are responsible for any additional computers as CenturyLink does not support networks.
26. Can the CenturyLink Technician set up my wireless network?
The CenturyLink Technician will connect your primary computer and will enable the wireless feature if you select the wireless package. For wireless configuration of additional computers you will need to consult the instruction booklet provided with the wireless card. CenturyLink Technicians are only certified to configure the CenturyLink supplied modem.

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