Cable High Speed Internet Access

Cable Internet is a high speed connection that utilizes the existing Cable television coaxial cable to transfer and receive data from your computer via the Internet. The best part is that you do not have to be a current cable television subscriber to take advantage of high speed cable Internet service as the service is offered on a stand alone basis (Satellite TV customers rejoice!). Furthermore, the service does not use telephone lines to connect.

Since no telephone line is required for cable service you no longer have to worry about tying up the phone line or frequent disconnections typical of dial up modem service. High speed cable Internet service is always on and ready to use when you need it. As many people have discovered with cable Internet you never need a traditional phone line again!

For more for information on how to make free long distance calls over the Internet please see our VoIP or Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol section.

Cable Internet is FAST! The race is on as some cable providers are pushing the envelope with download speeds of 3Mbps, 4Mbps and even 10Mbps. This is 4 times faster when compared to the traditional 1.5 Mbps DSL speed.

**It is important to note that unlike DSL a cable connection operates on a shared network which means that the more people that use it simultaneously the slower the connection. Even at peak traffic periods most users still experience equal to or greater speeds than DSL.

Cable providers offer optional installation for a nominal fee. You're free to choose an installation by a professional installer or you can request a self installation kit be mailed to you.

Another important benefit of Cable Internet is that it is offered without a long term commitment. DSL frequently requires a 1 year contract with penalties for early termination. Cable offers no contract service on a month to month basis. Whether you require maximum bandwidth or term free service cable Internet is a fast, flexible value when compared to DSL.

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