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Buckeye CableSystemFrequently Asked Questions about Buckeye CableSystem.

1. Does Buckeye Express offer dial up service?
Yes, dialup access is included with Buckeye Express 5 Mbps and 8 Mbps service.
2. Does Buckeye Express offer parental controls?
Yes, Buckeye provides a full suite of online protection software. In addition to parental controls Buckeye includes Pop Up Blocker, Spyware, PC Anti Virus and Spam Shield protection.
3. How fast is Buckeye Express?
Buckeye Express offers up to 8 Mbps download and up to 768Kbps upload.
4. How many email accounts are included with Buckeye Express?
Buckeye Express includes up to 15 email accounts.
5. Can I buy a modem from Buckeye Express?
No, Buckeye Express includes a modem for no charge.
6. Can I choose my own username and email address?
You will be instructed on how to create your username, email address and password during the installation process.
7. How much web space does Buckeye Express?
Buckeye Express includes up to 50 MB of personal Web space per email address.
8. Does Buckeye Express charge for Technical Support?
Free Technical Support is available 24/7/365
9. How many computers can I network together?
The standard Buckeye Express service is designed for single-computer configurations. You are able to connect multiple computers to a single cable modem with the use of a router or gateway, however, customer installed hardware will not be supported.
10. Can I get a static IP address with Buckeye Express?
Yes, in order to receive a static IP you must order the 8.0 Mbps service. There is an additional $20.00 charge per month for the static IP.
11. Can I take advantage of this promotion at a business address?
No, that requires a business account and business pricing. Please contact Buckeye Express Business Services at 1-800-866-3260.
12. Will Vonage or any other Voice over IP Service (VoIP) work with Buckeye Express?
Yes, Vonage (or any other VoIP provider) will work with Buckeye Express. For more detailed information contact your VoIP provider for technical assistance.
13. Do I need an Internet Service Provider like AOL in addition to the Buckeye Express?
No, Buckeye Express is an all inclusive Internet Service Provider.
14. What happens if I move?
Please check HighSpeed.com/Buckeye/ for Buckeye Express availability for your new location. If Buckeye Express is not available you may cancel your service without penalty.
15. What is a NIC card?
A NIC (or "NICK") card is a network interface, or is also known as an "Ethernet Adapter" that is on the back panel of the computer and connects to the cable modem. Most computers sold in the last 5 years have them pre-installed.
16. What does a modem do?
A cable modem is a device that is needed for your computer to communicate at high speeds with the Internet.
17. Can I keep my current (Yahoo, Hotmail, Google etc. email address?
Yes, ordering Buckeye Express will not affect your web mail account.
18. Can I use a Macintosh computer with Buckeye Express?
Yes, Buckeye Express supports Macintosh computers with the following minimum requirements.
• OS X 10.2 and above PowerPC Processor (G3 recommended
• 32 MB physical RAM with Virtual Memory set to at least 40 MB (64 MB recommended) 300 MB (500 MB recommended)
• Ethernet card with RJ45 connector, Open slot, or USB Port (Best Effort)
• Internet Explorer 5.x Safari 1.x CD-ROM drive required, sound card and speakers recommended
• 16-bit color required - 32-bit recommended
19. Can I watch TV and use Buckeye Express at the same time?
Yes, your cable television and high speed Internet signals will not affect each other. Occasionally, homes with more than 4 active televisions may experience signal strength issues. Buckeye CableSystem can install a signal booster if necessary to ensure picture quality is not a problem for you.
20. Is Buckeye Express compatible with Sony PlayStation?
Yes, Buckeye Express can be connected directly to a Sony PlayStation unit. Buckeye CableSystem will support the connection as if it were connected to a computer. Buckeye CableSystem will not support any issues related specifically to the Sony PlayStation unit.

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Buckeye CableSystem

  • Plans start at $19.99 month
  • Modem included
  • No contract required
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