Windstream Communications FAQ's

Windstream Authorized Agent Frequently Asked Questions about Windstream Communications (formerly Alltel and VALOR Telecom).

1. How fast is Windstream Broadband service?
• Windstream Broadband Lite - Up to 256 Kb download & 128 Kb upload.
• Windstream Broadband Standard - Up to 1.5 Mbps download & 384 Kb upload.
• Windstream Broadband Ultra - Up to 3 Mbps download & 384 Kb upload.
2. Does Windstream Broadband offer dial up service?
Yes Windstream Broadband includes a dialup account. This account is intended to be used while you are traveling or in the event of a DSL Service outage. The backup dialup account provides for 20 hours of usage per month free of charge.
3. How many email addresses does Windstream Broadband include?
Windstream Broadband includes 5 email accounts.
4. Does Windstream Broadband offer parental controls?
Yes, Windstream Broadband includes Anti-Virus, Parental Controls and Firewall protection as part of the McAfee Privacy Center.
5. Does Windstream Broadband offer a static IP address?
Yes, for more information please contact Windstream Business at 1-800-501-1776.
6. How much web space does Windstream Broadband include?
Windstream Broadband includes up to 10MB of online storage per email address.
7. Does Windstream Broadband charge for Technical Support?
Free technical support is available 24 hours a day.
8. Is Windstream Broadband service compatible with Apple computers?
Yes, Macintosh users enjoy most of the benefits of Windstream Broadband service including a customized home page, enhanced email services, and advanced web tools. The minimum requirements are:
• Mac OS 8.6, 9.X, 10.1
• Power Mac Processor
• 32MB for Mac OS 8.6 or 9.X (64 MB recommended)
• 128MB for Mac OS 10.1
• 100MB free hard drive space
• USB or 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)
• Internet Explorer 6 browser
• CD-ROM drive
9. Do I need an additional phone line to use Windstream Broadband?
No, with Windstream Broadband your existing phone line is "split" to allow voice and data transmission at the same time. No additional line is required.
10. Do I need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) like AOL in addition to Windstream Broadband?
No, Windstream will provide all services.
11. What does a DSL modem do?
A DSL modem is a device that’s needed for your computer to communicate at high speeds with the Internet.
12. Can I choose my own username and email address?
You will be instructed on how to create your username, email address and password during the installation process.
13. Will Vonage or any other Voice Over IP Service (VoIP) work with Windstream Broadband?
Yes, Vonage or any other VoIP provider will work with Windstream Broadband. For more detailed information contact your VoIP provider for technical assistance.
14. I have my own DSL modem, can I use it?
Windstream will provide a modem free of charge with your installation kit. Customer installed hardware is permitted, however, it will not be supported if technical assistance is required.
15. What is a NIC card?
A NIC card is a network interface or "Ethernet Adapter" that is on the back panel of the computer and connects to the cable modem. Most computers sold in the last 5 years have them pre-installed.
16. Can I keep my current (Yahoo, Hotmail, Google etc.) email address?
Yes, ordering Windstream Broadband will not affect web mail accounts.
17. If I am unable to complete the self installation can I have the service professionally installed?
Most Windstream customers find they are able to complete their self installation without assistance. Detailed setup instructions will be included with your self installation kit. Professional installation is available for $49.95.
18. What happens if I move?
Please check for Windstream Broadband availability for your new location. If you relocate to an area where Windstream provides telephone service but Windstream Broadband is unavailable your contract will be terminated without penalty. If you move to a non-Windstream territory or do not keep the service for the full length of the term agreement you will be charged a $100 early termination fee.
19. Is Windstream Broadband compatible with Sony PlayStation?
Yes, Windstream Broadband can be connected directly to a Sony PlayStation unit. Windstream will support the connection as if it were connected to a computer. Windstream will not support any issues related specifically to the Sony PlayStation unit.

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  • No extra phone line required

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