Verizon DSL

VerizonVerizon Communications is one of the leading providers of telecommunications in the nation and one of the leading companies in the world. Verizon DSL provides high speed Internet service to over 6.1 million people in 28 states and the District of Columbia.

Verizon has a long history of bringing consumers cutting edge features and technology at affordable prices. With Verizon DSL blazing speed is at your finger tips and always on and ready. Plus there's no waiting, like with dialup, and there's plenty of features that truly make your life easier.

Verizon DSL Features

  • Email - Get nine (09) email addresses plus 10MB of web space to create your own online world.
  • Netmail - This is Verizon's remote email feature and allows you to access your email from anywhere there is a computer.
  • Online Protection - Verizon Provides a whole suite of software to keep you protected online.
  • Spamguard - Stops unwanted junk emails from ever reaching your inbox in the first place.
  • AddressGuard - Allows disposable email addresses when conducting online transactions.
  • Parental Controls - Keeps children safe from inappropriate content.

Verizon DSL FAQ's

For pricing and availability of Verizon DSL High Speed Internet Access in your area, please enter your home telephone number in the Start Here box above.

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  • Plans start at $34.99 month
  • Free modem
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