EMBARQ™EMBARQ is the fifth largest telephone company is the nation. EMBARQ is a Fortune 500 company and provides over 7 million customers with high speed Internet, video, and telephone service.

EMBARQ's high speed Internet subscribers enjoy always on instant access to the Internet with no waiting. EMBARQ has a long history of being an innovator and is a leader in providing robust features to the 850,000 EMBARQ high speed Internet subscribers throughout the 18 state service area.

EMBARQ™ High Speed Internet Features


  • EMBARQ 5.0 Mbps download/640k upload - Get blazing speed with up to 5Mbps download speeds. Whether it's for hardcore online gaming or just serious web surfing EMBARQ is up to your speed.
  • EMBARQ 3.0Mbps download/512k upload - Work from home? You'll appreciate the extra speed with EMBARQ's 3.0Mbps service. No more waiting for large files to download from the office.
  • EMBARQ 1.5Mbps download/384k upload - At over 25 times faster than your standard dialup connection the wait is finally over. Browse effortlessly, watch streaming video and even download your favorite music.


  • Popup blocker by Earthlink - Keeps those pesky pop up ad's from ruining your browsing experience.
  • Virus Blocker - Shields your computer from dangerous viruses lurking online.
  • Spyware Blocker - Scans and blocks attempts to install privacy invading software on your computer.

Exclusive Features

  • Personal Media Link - Want to listen to your own music library on the go? With Personal Media Link you can stream all your very own music to any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Cinema Now - Over 4,000 of your favorite movies and concerts are available to stream or download right to your computer.

For pricing and availability of EMBARQ™ High Speed Internet Access in your area, please enter your home telephone number in the Start Here box above.

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  • Plans start at $24.95 month
  • Free modem
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